Friday, April 24, 2009

Kidsguide Magazine - full of kids events!

So recently I went to Irvine Heritage Library and picked up a Kidsguide Magazine. The magazine is full of great kids events in southern california. Unfortunately for me, most of these are in LA or northern OC. As you know from my profile, I'm a wimp when it comes to driving. I usually stay within south OC. Any ways, I highly recommend you pick up one of these if you are always looking for events to go to.

These are free and they are usually distributed at

• Public libraries
• Children’s Orchard
• Boys and Girls Club
• Girl/Boy Scout offices
• Mothers Market
• My Gym
• Your local kid-friendly retailer

If you want to know exactly where you can pick one up in your area, please write to

Also if you sign up for their newsletter, they send you event updates to your email which is GREAT!

I'll still continue to update my Event Calendar with these events and more!

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